Digital full size plans on Cd Scale 1/192 H.M.S. CANADA battleship Not project for Beginners


Digital full size plans on Cd

Not a printed plan and no material supplied


Digital Full Size plan Prints on a sheet 48” x 24” 

Digital Article description and a few building notes three pages

Digital Files are TIFF,JPEG and PDF



Scale 1/192

Length 42”                         

Beam 5 ¾”

Power Electric

 Suitable for Radio Control

Not project for Beginners

No Motor or radio Control installation shown

My next model was H.M.S. Canada. I purchased and studied the builders' drawings from the National Maritime Museum. The interior as well as the lines are shown on these. I built the hull of Canada from balsa and added the plating lines or strakes to the waterline. This was so effective in gum strip that I have used this method ever since, only plating the hull all the way round. Finishing the hull, I was thinking about the Admans Platform and its grating when I remembered the sheets of halftone dots I once used. I cut a piece of balsa to size and a piece of halftone (sometimes called Zipatone) cut slightly smaller leaving a border of wood showing, the dots representing the grating. For a working model this should be varnished to stop it from being washed off. Halftone may be bought at any good stationers or art shop. Nylon thread is also a very useful buy. It does not rough up in a hairy mess when painted as does cotton or rayon. It can be bought in several thicknesses, the thinnest of which is ideal for rigging at 1 /16 in. —1 ft.

I constructed Hood of balsa on formers. False sheers were added to keep the deck edge in perfect shape. After sealing, undercoating, and applying a first-class finish to the hull exterior, I turned my attention to gum strip. The thickness of the first gum strip was such that the joint fell under the strips which would represent the raised or out strake, which was applied after the whole hull had been covered

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