Digital full size plans on Cd Scale 1:48 T-1 SUBMARINE Instructions for dive mechanize


Digital full size plans on Cd

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Digital Full Size Plan prints on two  37” x 24”and 17" x 11" sheets

Digital Three Page Article with Building notes and photos

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Scale 1:48

Length 32 ¾”

Instructions for dive mechanize

You may update to Radio Control

by Walter A. Musciano

  We selected the T-l submarine for this project because it is an ideal subject for a model submersible. The streamlined but spacious hull offers a minimum amount of resistance, but permits large bat­teries and motor installation. A single screw design adds to the sim­plicity of operation, while the tall but slender conning tower amplifies the pleasure of viewing the diving and surfacing operation.

   The fabrication and installation of this ap­paratus is excellent training for more complex model work, as well as for radio work in the future. In lieu of diving immediately upon release, this submarine model cruises on the surface for a short time and then gently disappears beneath the water to an average depth of from three to five feet. After cruising submerged, it will slowly reappear, still moving forward, with the periscope, then the conning tower, and finally the hull emerging from the depths of the pond or lake. The sub­mersible will continue on the surface and then come to a stop as the power shuts off automatically. The length of the run can be controlled by the operator prior to each launch. The average run is about one hundred feet, during which time the craft can be adjusted to circle in a large radius.

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