Digital full size plans on Cd Vintage 1966 COBRA 7 Steve Wooley's classic "I"-beam stunter inspired


Digital full size plans on Cd

Not a printed plan and no material supplied

Steve Wooley's classic "I"-beam stunter inspired this continuing series of precision Controline aircraft.
Digital Full Size Plan prints on a Sheet 50” x 32”
Digital Seven pages of building notes, photos and
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Control Line Stunt
Wingspan 56"
Engine Super Tigre .46By Mike Ditrich
This present Cobra is the seventh in a series that was a second generation design of the Argus. The Argus was originally built in 1959 and flown in 1960 by Steve Wooley. Argus is so close to Bill Werwage's Ares that you can hardly tell them apart when looking at the plans. Cobra, about eighty square inches larger than the Argus, is also a Wooley design. All I did was improve a little on the original Cobra with Bill's help and bring it up to the present day's demanding standards. I'm not a "scientific" builder and not concerned with a lot of percentages. Therefore I use what seems to look good or simply "borrow" from other guys. I use no tapered trailing edges or differential flap control. The Cobra now is a very close cousin to Bill's Juno.
My first two Cobras had O.S. Max. 35's pulling them around. At 45 and 46 ounces they flew better than anything I had to date. By stretching the moments out to a 10-inch nose and a 16-inch tail and leaving everything else alone they balanced perfectly, were very steerable but not overly sensitive. All they needed was more power.
Cobra has evolved over the years to this seventh version, the best one to date. At 48 ounces it is a pleasure to fly. It will "groove" throughout the pattern but isn't so locked in that you have to fight it. You can easily put it anywhere you want to. Cobra will fly and turn with anything going today. It will turn too sharp if you get over excited with the handle. I had to learn to ease up a bit. Because of Steve Wooley's untimely death Cobra didn't get a lot of exposure and I believe it's a much better design than most

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