fireboat Scale 1:24 29 1/2" port of long beach full size printed plans and article for radio control


Full Size Printed Plans and Article
For radio-control, it features two speeds for¬ward, half-speed astern, proportional steer¬ing-and it pumps water! Two-channels ideal
Two Electric Engines
Working Fire Nozzle
Length 29 ½”
Beam 9”
2 Channel Radio Control
Full Size Printed on Two sheets 32” x 24”
Four Page Article and photos
By Walter A. Musciano
This simple and attractive fireboat model offers exceptional building and operating pleasure as a reward for a minimum of effort and expense. Our boat features two speeds forward, half speed astern, plus proportional steering, and, as an extra feature it can pump water just like its full size brother!
Two fireboats of this design are owned by the Board of Harbour Commissioners and. operated by the Port of Long Beach fire department. These craft are among the most efficient fire¬boats afloat. They are very small, about half the size of a conventional fireboat, but their pumping capacity of 4,500 gallons of water each minute enables them to pump more water for their size than any other fireboat in the world. Chemicals and foam are also carried as well as 2,000 feet of hose and the 12 fire hose connections plus the four tur¬ret monitors. A speed of 15 knots is at¬tained with two diesel engines which also serve to power the large fire pumps through clutches. Construction of these sea going fire engines is entirely of steel and they are designed to float very low in the water with little freeboard in order to be able to reach low fires under piers and docks, etc. In fact, Long Beach, Calif. has obtained two very efficient fireboats for the price of one "ordinary" fireboat

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