Full Size Plan Vintage 1953 .35 Control Line Stunt STUNT CHAMP WINNER OF AIR TRAILS PERPETUAL TROPHY


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Vintage plan 1953



WINNER OF AIR TRAILS PERPETUAL TROPHY Top Aerobatic ace at Plymouth’s 6th Internationals

Full Size Printed Plan on a sheet 46” x 28”

One page of notes

Control Line Stunt

Wingspan 41”

Engine .35


If you want a realistic-looking model that will stunt like crazy, this is it. This model won the Air Trails Stunt trophy at Plymouth's big sixth Inter­national meet. Its realistic appearance and clean lines also won a high position in appearance points. The original model was cream with red trim and a black pinstripe It has a combination of features' from' many other history-making stunt planes. Flying this model is a real challenge to any stunter. It has a lot of tail and flap movement for sharp corners and if you ease her around with a steady hand it is very' smooth. With the landing gear in the wing and a turnable tail wheel this plane has always responded to an almost perfect take-off and landing. By doing an inside loop, when the tank is about dry, you can cut the engine any place in the circle and land it right in the judges' laps.

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