FULL SIZE PLANS Control Line Scale 7/8”=1’ Wingspan 37” Two .15 Eng Grumman Mohawk



 Not a KIT or MODEL

Grumman Mohawk

Grumman Mohawk is Spectacular Control Line Plane Project

Full size printed plan on a sheet 44” x 30”

Five page article with building instructions

Control Line

Scale 7/8”=1’

Wingspan 37”

Twin .15 Engines

by Paul Plecan

Here is an unusual scale model with an unusual color scheme Proportions for an authentic copy are excellent with a long tail moment and general "clean" overall shape. The variety of contrasting colors is enough to pop the eyes, of any judge at a flying scale meet.  Care has been exercised to stay within the "exact scale" area, with but two ex­ceptions. One is the tail 'section, which is thinned for lightness and easy construc­tion. The other deviation from scale is a simplified "greenhouse" up front. True scale here would mean carving large canopy forms and heat-forming the puff­ed compound-curved sections for all areas but the windshield, which is Oat. Since a great many potential builders alter and quit when it comes to any "blown" style canopy. a somewhat simplified version is shown on the plans. Any celluloid of .020" to .035" thickness will do the job.

Thank you for looking Rose

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