Full size plans F86 SABRE JET Control Line Scale 1 1/8” =1ft Wingspan 41” Dyna-Jet or Ducted Fan


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Full size printed plans on three sheet Two- 59” x 24” and One-29” x 22”

Ten page article with building notes

Control Line

Scale 1 1/8” =1ft

Wingspan 41”

Engine  Dyna-Jet or Convert to Ducted Fan

By Cal Smith

This scale was chosen to gain dimensions of fuselage large enough to accommodate the Dyna-Jet, Model span is 41", length 41”, final weight is 5.5 lbs. and model flies at 90-95 mph.

The Sabre chosen for our model is the F-86F, last version to see combat in Korea. Span is 37 feet, length is : 37 feet. Power is the .P47-GE-27 turbojet engine capable of more than 6000 lbs. thrust, putting the aircraft in the 700 mph class. Many features of the models E and F are similar and much of the data included here applies to both mod­els. Scale fans will note the fiat windshield of the F model and the square sided beaver-tail fairing for the flying tail.

The model was designed from NAA three-views and research of hundreds of photos, so except for departures from scale to accommodate the Dyna-Jet en­gine authenticity is assured. Scale out­lines of fuselage rear and horizontal tail are shown on drawings. The rear por­tion of the fuselage had to be enlarged in cross-section to allow ample clear­ance for cooling the Dyna-Jet. The hori­zontal tail was enlarged in area as in­surance against any control difficulties when flying. None developed, and if the builder wishes he could use the scale tail outline. If one wished to go a step further, the flying tail (whole horizontal tail movable) could be built, but this probably would make the model sensitive to fly. Control movement would have to be reduced and control handle and bellcrank system de-sensitized.


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