FULL SIZE PLANS L 31” B 11” .21 For Radio Control deep vee racing boat DUNLAP 3.5 VEE




Not a KIT or MODEL


Full size printed plan on a sheet 50” x 36”

Six page article with building notes and photos

Length 31”

Beam 11”

Power .21

For Radio Control

Build this all-plywood constructed offshore racer style boat for next season's contest schedule.


The 3.5 cc or .21 cu. in. class engine has always been my favorite engine size. They are less expensive to run, repair, and seem to cause me less problems than larger size engines I decided to build a wooden version. If some of you detect a resemblance between the "Dunlap 3.5 Vee" and some of Frank Ward's model boats you are perceptive. I happen to like the deck style used on the Ward Marine models. The hull itself is a conventional deep vee configuration. There is absolutely nothing "trick" about this boat. It wasn't my intention to design something new or different. I call it the "Dunlap 3.5 Vee" because I've never used my last name on any of my previous designs. And at the time I needed a name, I couldn't come up with a catchy or cute handle. I suppose I could have called it the "No Name 3.5 Vee" but that certainly isn't very ego gratifying.

For the model boater who has built wooden kits, the construction of the "Dunlap 3.5 Vee" should look very familiar. The technique is similar to that used when building Dumas boat kits. It is a fairly simplistic building method.

Thank you for looking Rose

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