Full Size Plans Scale ¼”=1ft Length 43 7/8” pilot tender T.H.V. PATHFINDER Suitable for Radio Control


 Full Size Plans & Building Notes

NOT A KIT OR MODEL no material


Full size plan on two sheets 56” x 36” and 46” x 36”

Eighteen page article (Not all pages shown)

Scale ¼”=1ft (1:48)

Length 43 7/8”

Beam 7 1//2”

Power electric or steam

Suitable for Radio Control

Plan by Vic Smeed

Building method by Tom Gorman

  I decided upon plank-on-frame as I had 3mm ply sheet and 9mm thick ply in the workshop. The body plans were copied 14 times using the scanner attached to my computer and each frame was carefully cut out, not forgetting to extend each frame so that the keel and frame assembly could be inverted on the building board to allow of easy planking.


  She was built to the order of the Elder Brethren of Trinity House by Phillip & Son at Dartmouth, her registered number was 186195 and she measured 175 ft 6 ins overall. 157 ft B.P. 30ft 4 ins beam and had a draught of Wt 10 ins. Her gross tonnage was 678 and net was 197. Pathfinder was driven by twin Polar, six cylinder, two-stroke oil engines rated at 500 bhp each to give a speed of 12.9 knots.

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