Full Size PLANS Shrimp Biloxi Fishing Boat Scale 1/2"=1' Length 32” suitable for Radio Control



Not for a KIT or MODEL


For the fan who wants to build a "Biloxi Boat" model

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 42” x 30”

Four page article with building notes, photos and material list

Scale 1/2"=1'

Length 32”

Beam 9”

Electric Motor

You may install Radio Control

   Conventional construction is employed and there are no fancy methods to learn.

   Shrimpers average a length of sixty feet and skim along at 11 knots under diesel power. Engines range from 150 to 275 horsepower and the boats' efficiency is attributed to a very unique form of gearing.

Most of these craft operate from five to six miles off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Ten miles is usually the upper limit since shrimp waters are close to land. During these operations the craft stay out for up to sixteen days. Refrigeration problems make this about the top limit.

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