FULL SIZE PLANS Vintage 1940 Model Railroad HO & O gauge 4-4-4-4 TROLLEY


Not a KIT or MODEL




We have scaled them to full size HO and O scale

Full size printed plan on a sheet ‘O’ 11” x 17” ‘HO’ 11” x 81/2”

Eight page article with building notes

‘O’.. GAUGE TROLLEY Length 14 1/4” Width 2 1/4”

‘HO’ GAUGE TROLLEY Length   7 3/4” Width 1 1/8”

   NOTE: This article was written for HO gauge for those wishing to build in O gauge you will have to increase the size of some items

Original drawings are of a full size trolley Measures are in feet

By William Schopp

 A glance at the top view drawing should indicate to you the method by which the four trucks are pivoted, two each on two super-trucks. The drawing shows the engine on an 87- foot radius curve, which in HO is one foot radius. As the loco is designed, this is about the minimum radius it will take, although I will tell later how the minimum can be decreased if desired

   I saw some pictures of a locomotive similar to the one described herewith. It was on the Illinois Terminal, but mine is really free-lance, since not even a photo of the "prototype" was around at the time of its design and construction.

 To begin with, get yourself two stock motor trucks with trailers, a section of WaIthers passenger car roofing, streamlined, arch, or clerestory as you prefer, a bell, two head­lights, and four specially turned sand­boxes to sit out on the pilots. This will run you somewhere over fifteen bucks, so if you want to economize, you might make it a one motor loco­motive to begin with, although it will not be quite as powerful. A supply of rail, wire, brass, solder, soldering salts, etc., should also be on hand.

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