Full Size Plans Vintage 1966 Free-flight CARAVAN Hot contest machine for the ½ A mills


Not a Kit or Material

listing is for Full Size Plans

Vintage Plan From 1966


Hot contest machine for the ½ A mills ... The ship is actually quite easy to build

Full size printed plan on a sheet 51” x 24”

Three page article with building notes

Wingspan 48”

Engine ½ A

By Joe Bilgri

After building almost every type of  for more years than I care to remember, I personally have come to the conclusion that the little ½ A Class is one of the most enjoyable to fly in. This size ship is easy to build, inexpensive to maintain, flies without complicated gadgetry, and withstands abuse somewhat better than the larger aircraft. No wonder then the event is one of the most popular of them all, which serves to stimulate intense competition. Every Free-flighter needs at least one or two in his stable.

None of us likes to prang a model in, but let’s face it it has been known to happen. These smaller aircraft can take the cement a little better, and with luck it might not be damaged beyond field repair. This extra little survival factor in its favour makes your
contest flying a little more carefree ... if you can ever reach that state.

Thank you for your interest

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