Full Size Printed 1:192 scale Drawing British battleship H.M.S. DUKE OF YORK with Article


Full Size Printed 1:192 scale Drawing with Article


One Full Size Printed on a sheet 46” x 20” Plans are Black and White

Three page article with description, building suggestions and photos

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Scale 16ft = 1" (1/192)

Length 43 3/4”

Beam 6 7/16”

Power Electric

Suitable for Radio Control


The ships of the King George V Class were the first in the Royal Navy since H.M.S. Canada, which was present at the Battle of Jutland, to carry 14 inch guns. As originally designed they were to have had three turrets with four guns in each, but later, when tests on the firing range with improved shells had shown the need for greater magazine protection, it was decided to allow for the weight of the additional heavy armour required by altering "B" turret to a twin. As built each quadruple turret weighed 1,550 tons and the twin 900 tons. The weight of the broadside was 15,900 lbs. reaching 36,000 yds. with a penetration at 15,000 yds. of 13 inches of armour.

   THE drawing on this page gives some idea of the characteristic detail of a battleship, the primary unit of a fleet until very recent times. Apart from H.M.S. Vanguard, the last British battleship, the five ships King George V, Prince of Wales, Anson, Howe and Duke of York were the last in the history of the Royal Navy to be built as a class in the three-centuries long tradition as ships-of-the-line, and with their passing ended the long era of the line-of-battle in warfare at sea. H.M.S. Duke of York, the subject of this drawing, was laid down at Clydebank in May 1937, launched in February 1940 and completed in November 1941. On her first commission she joined the Home Fleet and took part in many sweeps in northern waters covering the Murmansk convoys. In December 1943, as Flagship of Admiral Sir Bruce Frazer, she intercepted the Scharnhorst which was being engaged by the cruisers Belfast, Jamaica and Norfolk and escorting destroyers. During the night action the Scharnhorst received at least four torpedo hits from the destroyers while under fire of the guns of the Duke of York and was sunk.

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