Full size printed F 4 PHANTOM plans vintage 1970 Radio or Control line Dyna-Jet or Ducted Fan


*This is for Full size printed plans*

Not a KIT or MODEL

Many years of experience with Dyna‑Jets have made this dream plane a practical and successful model aircraft. And it is much simpler than it seems.


Full size printed plans on two half sheets with overlap 33” x 44” each

Ten page article with building and photos

Radio or Control line

Wingspan 37 1/2”

Engine  Dyna-Jet or Convert to Ducted Fan


   A certain amount of courage is required to tackle a project of this magnitude, but the reward of seeing the finished jet aircraft in action will more than repay the effort involved. Although my Phantom was radio-controlled, this ship also would be ideal for U-Control. It is definitely not a beginner's project but construction should not offer any particular problems to the experienced scale modeler.

   On the plus side of the ledger, model jet engines of the pulse variety are readily available in the U.S. Best known is the Dyna-Jet, which operates on the same principle as the engines that propelled the German V-1 Buzz Bombs in WW II. The model engines are more efficient, with the lowest fuel consumption for thrust developed and highest cycle frequency of any production-type jet. These engines run well on low-cost "white" gasoline, which is so mild no elaborate and expensive fuel-proof finishes are needed.

   Naturally, techniques for starting and operating jet engines must be learned, but one quickly can become familiar with the required procedures. Lots of pioneering remains to be done with this type of aircraft, so join in! Let's get more true jet models into the air.



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