Full Size Printed line drawings Plan 40 ft.& 30ft. U.S. Navy Steam Cutter Suitable for Radio control



Full Size Printed Plan

No material plans only

40 ft. U.S. Navy Steam Cutter

Plans and are for the actual 40’ Cutter

Includes line drawing for 30’ Cutter

1 in. to 1 ft. working model of a 40 ft. U.S. Navy Steam Cutter of 1900

Full size printed drawings on two sheets 44” x 23”

Half size sail on a sheet 21” x 16”

For Experienced Builders

Scale 1/12

Length 40 in

Beam 9 in

Steam Engine


by Bill Durham

I always feel a twinge of disappointment when i see a working scale model of a small steam vessel which is fully decked over. Although I don't have any steam-engine building skills myself, I think that the power plant is the most interesting part of a live steam model, and I cannot fathom why a model builder would choose a small craft prototype which buries it away beneath a deck.

I have a fond spot in my heart for the iron-hulled river launches which were once numerous East of Suez These were narrow graceful craft with sturdy little scotch boilers and open compound engines of 60 or 75 horsepower.

Unless one is an absolute purist, the handsome Stuart Turner open frame 'launch' and 'compound' engines come close enough to scale to serve beautifully in, say, a 1 in. to 1ft. model of an Eastern river launch


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