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Full Size printed plan on a sheet 48" x 24" 20lb bond

Eighteen page article with building notes and photos

SCALE 1/144

LENGTH 42 ½”




THIS model of HMS Dido is some 421/2in (108cm) long and with a displacement of 61b (2.7kg) can comfortably carry modern two function radio outfits, i.e, control of both rudder and motor. In six years of operation it has proved to be one of my most successful designs, even managing to win the odd trophy at regattas.

I first developed the urge to build a working model of Dido when I saw the late Norman Ough’s drawings of this vessel. The triple superimposed turrets forward and the rearward rake of both funnels and masts produced a distinctly aggressive appearance. Furthermore I could conveniently build it at my favourite scale of 1/144 (1in to 12ft) using my normal sheet balsa techniques to give a convenient size of model.

As a compromise between the excellence of these drawings and my abilities I was forced to modify the hull form to suit sheet balsa construction. When drawing up these plans I further simplified the superstructure in order to encourage the less experienced modellers to have a go. The scale nuts or should they be called masochists? Could use this model as a base for an the super detail on Norman Ough’s Dido drawings. Even in its simplified form it is not a beginners

The ‘Dido’ Class History

After the First World War the Admiralty stated that at least seventy cruisers were required to ensure that both fleet and trade route protection duties could be per- , formed. However, under political pressure in the London Naval Treaty (1930) the Royal Navies’ cruiser strength was reduced to fifty. By 1935 the British gov­ernment was forced to start a re­armament programme and high on the Admiralty’s list of priorities was the increase in cruiser strength back to seventy.

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