Full Size printed Model freeflight airplane plan & Build notes for EZ P 30


Listing is for Printed Plan and Article

EZP 30

Wingspan 30 “          

Power Rubber

One Full size Printed plan on an 32” x 22” sheet

Four Pages of notes and photos

by Dave Linstrum

There are many kits with specs that fit the P30class, including. bevy of beginner types and Old Timers. Fitting a 91/2 inch plastic windmill makes for an instant P40. If you prefer to scratch then EZP-30 is your baby!

The prototype of this design (shown in photos) was built by the author's son Carl. age 9, for entry in the Proxy Postal in California. Carl proved to be the ideal builder to test the design, +ince this was his first sophisticated contest rubber Job (previously he had built only simple kit types with solid motor sticks and exposed motors) with a tube fuselage Just like a big Unlimited. You will suite slight differences in the dihedral breaks and LE. material in the model in the photos. This is because Carl used a Coupe kit that was handy to make the wing and stab! The cut-to-length parts dictated the dihedral. but a simple we-dihedral as shown on the plans is better. Also locating the spars on the upper surface as shown is superior is more warp-resistant.

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