Full Size printed Model Freeflight airplane plan for HOT BOX" P-30


Listing is for Printed Plan and Article


Wingspan 30"

Power Rubber

One Full size Printed plan on an 32” x 22” sheet

Five Pages of notes and photos



HOTBOX's nose area is large enough to accept winding tube. An Estes rocket unit works fine. Build a couple for the Nats. It won't take you long!(Geraghty) was getting by very nicely on the diamond shape, so why wouldn't a rubber ship of roughly three times the area and no more than twice the weight, etc? Several very pretty airplanes now sit in my "museum" ... terrific climbers, but gliders they ain't. Curt Stevens, old line HLG theorist, suggested laying a turbulating spar somewhere on top of the diamond, run the tissue over it and see. It works. I've since built a couple of Coupe d'hivers (also plastic propped), a Payload, and an A/1 ... all with same general layout, some undercambered. Success

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