Full Size printed Model freeflight airplane plan for Teacher’s Pet P·30


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Teacher’s Pet P·30

Wingspan 30”

Power Rubber

One Full size Printed plan on an 35” x 12” sheet

Four Pages of notes and photos

By John O’Donnell

The P30 offers real flying without dependence on exotic materials and should present little trouble to anyone who has tried a kit or two. However before jumping into print I thought it prudent to ensure that the design (and if possible, the plan) were thoroughly 'de-bugged' before releasing to the world. My persuading a design to fly well is hardly a guarantee that it will perform for all and sundry. Consequently I asked some of my friends to build pre-production versions to discover errors and omissions - not to mention various things I do automatically and take for granted. My caution was justified and the plans and instructions duly modified; I am confident that the design will fly well for other peopl