Full Size printed Pattern How to make and throw Boomerang


Full Size printed Pattern and article

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How to make and throw Boomerang

No matter how hard or far it's thrown, a correctly handled boomerang will come swooping back

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 19”x 12”

Nine page article on How to make the boomerang, The laminated boomerang, The solid boomerang and throwing the boomerang

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  ZIP! AWAY IT GOES, skimming the surface of the ground for a distance of 250 ft. or more, and then, rising like a bird in flight, it wheels and comes hurtling back to the thrower, landing almost at his feet. As you can imagine, there is real fun in making and throwing your own boomerang.

  Let us point out here that these instructions tell you how to make a boomerang with the use of power tools. If these are not available at home, then ask your school shop instructor if you can use some of his equipment. If not, perhaps Dad can give you a hand. However, don't be discouraged. It is possible to make this boomerang without using power tools, but it will require a little more patience and a bit more care in the actual work.

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