Full size printed Peanut Scale plan Arrow Sport Iightplane makes a good-flying Peanut.


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Arrow Sport

Powered by a Ford V-8 auto engine, this 1937 Iightplane makes a good-flying Peanut.

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 11” x 17”

Four page article with building notes

Free flight

Peanut scale

Power rubber

Al Lidberg

   THE ARROW Sport V-8 was an unusual airplane when it was new, and is even more unusual now. It is one of very few production planes powered with an automobile engine, a Ford V-8, familiar to generations of hot rodders as the Ford flathead. Buyers were given a choice of models: the Master, with open cockpit; the Master Coupe, with closed cockpit; and the Deluxe Coupe. One real advantage for owner of the Arrow Sport V-8 concerned maintenance. Because of the Ford engine, a complete major engine overhaul cost only $55. There are quite a few model engines that cost more than that today!

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