Full Size Printed Peanut Scale Plans ALCO SPORT a good choice for your first Peanut .


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A simple model of an all-but-forgotten homebuilt from 1920. It would be a good choice for your first Peanut .

One Full size Printed plan on a 11” x 17” sheet

Three Pages of notes and photos


In 1920 the Allison Airplane Company at Lawrence, Kansas started selling plans and parts for a small sport monoplane.

The aircraft was to be powered with less than 65 hp and carried one or two people. The model is shown with a Lawrence two-cylinder 28 hp engine. For more details on the Alco Sport plane, see the 1930 Flying and Glider Manual. Copies of this and other books can be obtained from the Experimental Aircraft Association, p.a. Box 229, Hales Corners, WI

  1. The model Alco follows the full-size aircraft in construction. The only deviation from scale is the addition of dihedralto the wing, and the landing gear is longer. The wing, stab and rudder area are scale. Construction is simple and standard. The right and left fuselage sides are not the same in the cabin area. The left side is cut down for access of the pilot and passenger. Note the detail on the plans.

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