Full Size Printed Peanut Scale Plans ASTRA Kaplerer A rare, and certainly seldom-modeled monoplane


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ASTRA Kaplerer

A rare, and certainly seldom-modeled monoplane, the Astra was an interesting tandem flying machine developed in France in 1908. The author's model flies well.

One Full size Printed plan on a 11” x 17” sheet

Three Pages of notes and photos


Henri Kapferer was one of the engineers who constructed the Air Ship "Ville de Paris;' that was built by the Astra Company, Billancourt. It has been my wish to show this interesting tandem flying machine, dating from the French pioneer period (1908) to a broader hobbyist public. I had four bad photographs, but exact measurements and data, so that the model should be a 95- percent correct reproduction of its real counterpart. This reconstruction is easy to build, so there should be no difficulties in constructing it. Two different versions concerning the REP motor are given; one with 5 (24 hp) and one with 7 (35 hp) cylinder. The weaker engine first used a two-plated propeller; the stronger used a four-plated propeller. Good drawings of the REP motors exist, but they don't show the arrangement of the exhaust pipe. The undercarriage might be not l00-percent correct, as there is no good photograph showing it. It looks a bit like a Voisin type.

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