Full Size Printed Peanut Scale Plans BABY PURSUIT makes a great flying Peanut.


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One of the many "flivver" light planes born during the Great Depression, the unique Baby Pursuit is all but forgotten today. This clipped-wing "speed" version is a bit of a challenge to build and makes a great flying Peanut.

One Full size Printed plan on a 11” x 17” sheet

Three Pages of notes and photos

Scale Peanut

Wingspan 13”

Power Rubber


Clarence O. Prest was one of the many bit players on the great stage of the Golden Age of Aviation; he had his 20 minutes of fame and disappeared. His aviation company, based in Southern California, may have lasted only four years, from 1927-1931, but during that brief time he obtained patents on his unusual diamond- shaped fuselages and managed to break the world's speed record for light aircraft. The purpose of the diamond-shaped fuselage was to minimize visual obstructions for the pilot in all directions and to aid airflow around the fuselage, resulting in high performance with minimum power. Although only a handful of Prest Baby Pursuits were produced, at least one, N17308, survived in airworthy condition and was seen at EAA fly-ins until it crashed in 1958. It was seen again in 1965 almost 35 years since the tiny company went broke.

As a model, the clipped-wing Baby Pursuit makes an excellent subject for a Peanut. The only modifications I made are a slight dihedral in the wing and enlargement of the tail surfaces

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