Full Size Printed Peanut Scale Plans Bede BD-8 it flys just fine,


This listing is for Full Size Printed Plans


One Full size Printed plan on a 11” x 17” sheet

Four Pages of notes and photos

Scale Peanut

Wingspan 13”

Power Rubber


Jim Bede is well known in homebuilt circles. While all his projects haven't been completely successful, they have all been extremely interesting. He has a creative, aeronautical brain. The BD-8 is a product of his fertile brain. It's a simple, all metal aerobatic airplane. The first homebuilt version has been completed, so a Peanut Scale model of the BD-8 needed to be built. Now the original BD-8 was built with zero dihedral, so the model in the photo was also built with zero dihedral. Your first reaction is probably, "It'll never ever fly that way!" Not so, it flys just fine, after all, the Peanut Scale rules allow hand launching, and this is a stunt plane. So hand launch it and trim it to fly upside down, I did and it works great! (We must give the credit for these ideas to Dick Baxter, who first suggested, "So it won't fly right side up ... try it upside down.") Although the model was built without dihedral, a concession to reality is the use of thick root ribs so at a later point in time the wings can be removed, the root ribs beveled, and dihedral installed. During the testing period on this model, it was established that it would fly fine upside down from a hand launch. Will it R.O.G. and then roll over and fly inverted? Not likely, with a fixed horizontal tail. But, suppose it had a pendulum-controlled horizontal, could it then be trimmed longitudinally to fly either side up? Certainly, but whether it will survive the slow roll on takeoff is a question. Well, it was tried. The tail was pivoted at its quarter chord point for zero aerodynamic moment and then staticly over- balanced, so the leading edge moves

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