Full Size Printed Plan 1/10 Scale Racing 05 Electric CRACKERBOX Radio Control 2 Channel


Full Size Printed Plans with Article


Full Size Printed on a sheet 50” x  30” 

Nine page article of photos and building notes

1/10 Scale Racing

Length 21"

Beam 7 1/4"

Power 05 Electric

Radio Control 2 Channel

By Jerry Dunlop

The crackerbox model has a flat bottom, straight sides and a slightly crowned deck that make it easy to build using balsa for the frame and either 1/16- inch-thick balsa sheet or 1/32-inch- thick plywood sheet. Ease of construction is important, because anyone who wants to race in this class has to build the model!

Cost was another important consideration. Restricting the power source to '91 ROAR-legal stock motors kept the motor cost low; they sell for $28 retail, and anyone paying retail isn't shopping around! The use of a 6-cell pack allowed for low-cost speed controllers (mechanical or electronic speed controllers can be used). A direct-drive system is required and the prop shaft must be straight. The propeller can't extend beyond the rear edge of the transom.

The result of all these restrictions and requirements is a scale-looking model with a speed range of 15 to 18mph. Because of its flat bottom, the crackerbox skips across the water. It doesn't have the most perfect ride, but it does handle the corners in interesting ways. (I'll tell you about the handling

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