Full Size Printed Plan 1/2 A 1952 Control Line Speed Speed Bug Wingspan 9 " Engine .049


Printed Plans        

 Not a Kit or Material

Speed Bug

Vintage reproduced plans from 1952 

FULL SIZE PLAN on a Sheet 22” x 17” 20 lb bond

Two Page Article of INSTRUCTIONS

Control Line Speed

Wingspan 9 "

Engine .049

By doing a bit of cutting and filing on the Space Bug engine, it is possible to produce a speed model in the Half-A class that will compare in appearance with the larger speed jobs.

There is nothing startling about the Speed Bug with respect to basic speed layout. It represents what can be done in the All speed class when all the latest items are used.

When speed is the objective the mood should be kept light, but still strong enough to hold up under the high-speed conditions. By using those grades of balsa specified. the model's weight will be held to a reasonable figure, providing you do not overload it with the "paint" job

The Space Bug was used on the original model. However other engines are quite suitable.

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