Full Size Printed Plan 1/2 A 1959 Control Line Speed PEANUTS MK II Wingspan 9” Engine .049



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Vintage plans from 1959


America's Finest Fastest Pint­ Sized Racing Plane

Full size printed plan on a sheet 11” x 17”

Three page article

Control Line Speed

Wingspan 9”

Engine .049


   Our first "Peanut" was built during the spring of 'SS and logged more than 400 flights before it finally fell apart three years later. A second Peanut was finished early in '59 and is still going strong after some 50 Rights last summer. These two Cox Thermal Hopper .049 powered speed ships have a long string of wins behind them, including first places (Open) at the '57 (100.52 mph) and '59 Nats (91.33 mph); 2nd in Open at the '56 Nab (92.18 mph); a 109.78 mph National. AMA Record in '37 (35' lines) and a 97.47 mph National Record with 42' lines in '59.

   Don McClave flew a Space Hopper powered Peanut (with wooden pan) to 2nd place in Senior at the '59 Nats (90.05 mph). Unofficial speeds have topped 112 mph on 35' lines and 104 mph on 42' lines (the longer lines knock off about 2 to 3 mph).

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