Full Size Printed Plan 1/2 A Control Line Speed Lil’Speed Merchant. easy to build Wingspan 9’


Full Size Plans

Not a KIT or MODEL     

Lil’Speed Merchant

Hero's your chance to try speed. Inexpensive, easy to build, a Thermal Hopper for power.

Full size printed plan on two sheets 11” x 17”

Two page article

Control Line Speed

Wingspan 9’

Engine .049


The original model was constructed all from wood but this design may be simply modified for use of a full metal pan or half pan.

Lil Speed Merchant is a fast li'l half‑A speed job which possesses great stability, ruggedness, and‑ that cute charm associated with Half­ A models. Half‑A speed, although a newer class, is catching hold in popularity all over the country and especially with the beginners in speed through its can of construction and lower cost of materials. Although Lil Speed Merchant has yet to clock much over 80 mph, much knowledge is constantly being gained in this class of speed and perhaps many Half‑A speed models will be clocking over the 100 mark by the time this goes to ' print Construction is pretty simple in most respects and just a few evenings will be needed to add Li'l Speed Merchant to your stable of model airplanes.

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