Full Size Printed Plan 1/2 A Control Line Speed SPEEDEVIL WINGSPAN 9 ” ENGINE .049



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Author Unknown

SPEED FLYING HAS attracted an en­tirely new class of enthusiasts to model airplane building. This group comprises those who do not care for the delicate con­struction of Free-Flight or Scale Models, and those who are interested only in high-speed flight, which requires hard woods and metal in order to achieve high strength. Weight is a secondary consideration in this class .of model, and peak performance must be wrung from the engine in order to squeeze out that extra mile per hour. Many experts modify their engines to increase the power output.

In order to familiarize the novice with this class of model, we present the Speedevil. This is an easy-to-construct. half-A ­engine-powered craft that can later be refitted with an _099 engine for some truly sizzling speeds. Construction is all balsa, and follows solid-model basic construction, with a few exceptions, which are noted.

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