Full size printed plan 1705 Spanish Mortar Scale 1:16 Base 4 1/4" Barrel 3 1/16


Full size printed plan

(Not a Kit, Model or Material)


1705 Spanish Mortar

Full size printed plan on a sheet 11" x 17" 24lb Bond

Three Page article of building instructions and photos

Scale 1:16

 Base 4 1/4"

Barrel 3 1/16"


  The turned barrel is the most interesting part of the assembly, so let's start with it. You'll need a 41/2 in. piece of 15/8 in. round brass. Face off one end on the lathe;

   THE original of this 1/16‑size model of a 13 in. mortar was used by Philip V of Spain's armies around 1705. Standing over 5 ft. tall and cast entirely of bronze, the mortar was fired at a very high angle at short range, dropping balls almost vertically behind enemy barriers. The mortars were often decorated with ornate designs of dolphins and the coats of arms of the rulers for whom they were made. They fired balls of stone or cases of small shot, and many mortars still show markings of stones fired in them. You can still find mortars of this type at Fort Ticonderoga, New York, West Point Military Academy, and the Colonial National Military Park at Yorktown, Virginia.

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