Full size Printed Plan 18th-century man-o'-war Naval Cannon Scale 1:12 Length 7 1/2" Width 4"



 Not a KIT or MODEL

18th-century man-o'-war Naval Cannon

Full size drawing with illustrations 20" x 12"  20lb bond

Two page article with building notes

Scale 1:12

Length 7 1/2"

Width 4"

by W.B. Peake

HAVING the appearance of a real gun used aboard an 18th-century man-o'war, this model cannon makes an unusual desk ornament. It can be made any size, but the dimensions given here were used for the original model, which is shown in the photograph.

The gun barrel, detail A of Fig. 1, is turned from bronze and the bore is drilled out in a lathe. For ordinary purposes the bore may be drilled only part way through instead of the full length of the barrel. If desired, the barrel can be made of ash, maple or any other close-grained hardwood and painted to simulate oxidized bronze.

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