Full Size Printed Plan 1954 CONTROL LINE SPEED'Squeaker" this Cl. A won everything!


Full Size Printed Plan            

Not a Kit or Material

Reproduced 1954 plans


"Mr. MPH" himself, America1s most consistent control line speed model winner and record holder, unveils his prize job; this Cl. A won everything!

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 24” x 17”

Three page article with building notes


WING SPAN 12 3/8”



  Mount the engine in the, half pan. You can purchase a commercial pan and saw the back off or make a wooden half-pan as described in the plans. I used a metal half-pan on the original Squeaker. I like the metal pan best because it permits a rigid, more permanent engine mount and also will dissipate beat much faster. The wooden half-pan is, quite suitable, though, and is about as durable as any wooden pan. The maple crutch is tough and gives a tough surface on which to mount the engine. '

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