Full Size Printed Plan 1957 SATELLITE (Styrofoam) Free Flight Wingspan 48” Engine ½ A


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SATELLITE (Styrofoam)

From 1957

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Free Flight

Wingspan 48”

Engine ½ A

By Bob Hunter

In a constant effort to utilize all the power of current half A engines, modelers have tried every combination of size and weight to find a model which would offer a fast climb and a real floating glide, without the dire consequences resulting from a tricky small ship, or the dissatisfaction of an overweight behemoth. Styrofoam has provided the answer. It also has benefits which were totally unexpected. For those who are not familiar with

Styrofoam, it is a polystyrene plastic manufactured by Dow Chemical Co. It

has many commercial uses, from floral packaging to use as a filler in the wings of our fastest jets. It combines a weight of 29.32 ounces /cu. ft. with a tensile strength of nearly sixty-five pounds/sq. inch. Model cement melts Styrofoam to a small puddle, so water soluble glues are used as an adhesive for all planking. I use Wilhold White glue, a product of  Acorn Adhesives Co.

Styrofoam may be obtained from your local plastics house or at almost any florist's shop, at one-sixth the price of balsa. Easily cut with band saw, jig

saw, or even a sharp knife, an entire fuselage of many compound curves, can be sawed and sanded, ready for planking, in an hour. A simple box fuselage could be ready in ten minutes. Interested? Right! After several tests  on small pieces, a 1" x 6" x 36" piece of Styrofoam was obtained, and the Satellite was on" its way. As work progressed, I found a feather weight fuselage resulting, which would stand terrific twist and strain, and even though covered with 1/32 and 1/64 balsa sheeting;" had a smooth hard surface which would take a high gloss paint job without scallop-ing. Now, even more sure that an answer was near, completion of the wing and stab was rushed (for Sunday) and it certainly was no disappointment. Testing was soon completed, due to the stability resulting from the large area, and full power applied to the Holland Hornet. Easily as fast" as any ship on the' field,


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