Full Size Printed Plan 1966 Control line Stunter "TALON" a ship to turn the tight radii


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No materials. Plan only

Vintage 1966


Full Size Printed Plan on a Sheet 55” x 36”

Eight page article of building notes, photos

Control line Stunter

Wingspan 54”

Engines .35 to .40

by Jim Kostecky

The ship is the culmination of nine years of flying stunt. Since the 1964 Dallas Nets when it placed 5th in open it has remained substantially the same aerodynamically. I like a rather thick blunt airfoil because I feel it contributes to the smoothness I desire and required but again with smoothness. The moments were arrived at through trial and error and are not substantially different than those of any top design now in use. The only real difference might be is that I lean toward a slightly longer tail moment than most flyers. In 1965 at Willow Grove the second version of this design placed 4th in open. At Dallas and Willow Grove I feel gamesmanship made the difference between being a winner and ending up where I did. At both of these Nats as was the case in Chicago this year. "Talon" qualified number one in its circle only to miss the boat finals day by being piloted by a nervous wreck who really gets clutched under stress. For the record, it ended up 7th this year.

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