Full Size Printed Plan 27" GAS or ELECTRIC FAST LAUNCH BEGINNERS PLANS suitable fo Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

Vintage plan from 1955


Construction is straight forward but we would recommend this as a "second boat" rather than a very first attempt

Full size printed plan on a 40” x 30” Sheet

Two Page Article and Photos

Length 27”

Engine .06 to .15 or Electric Motors

Automatic Steering

Suitable for Radio Control


FOR those people who get pleasure from watching a fast power model cutting a pre-determined pattern through the water. Nymph will admirably fill the bill without the complications of radio control. Further, the pattern is variable to choice, either by changing the operating cam for another of different shape or by altering the original setting of the rudder by rotating the quadrant fitted to its stock. The cam is driven by a clockwork or electric motor running at a final speed of approximately 1 rev. per duration of cruise, and there are several ex-government mechanisms well suited to this use.

Another ingenious but equally optional fitting is a clutch which enables the boat to be placed in the water with the prop stationary, thus avoiding engine stall and/or the customary shower of spray. Very little modification is necessary to lock the clutch lever out enabling the motor to be started free. Designed in. too, is an airflow which enables air to pass the engine for cooling and exhaust removal, the engine being in a self-contained bay which prevents fuel, etc., from spreading to every corner of the hull.

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