Full Size Printed Plan 42” PADDLE WHEELER "SWANEE" For Radio Contr


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only



See her comin' round the bend ? Looks mighty real, but she's an R/C model!

Full size printed plan on a sheet 45” x 34”

Two page article with building notes

Length 42”

Beam 11 ½”

Power Electric

You may convert to steam

For Radio Control

By Cap’n Frank Van Buran

   The paddle wheel propulsion involved too many gears and levers to operate in scale manner, so we used a standard propeller and let the paddle freewheel. This deception cannot be detected in actual operation, so realistically does the paddle wheel rotate when the craft starts movin

An electric motor was used to give us a relief from the vibration and oily dirt that a glow or ignition engine is bound to produce. Also, many city ponds may be closed to engine power while none is for electric power. A simple neoprene tube universal proved O.K.; perfect motor alignment is not necessary.

 Swanee was built to test proportional control without endangering the equipment in a crash if things went wrong. It has plenty of room, which is a help when first testing any new system.

Do not let the detailed look scare you from building. The entire model can be built in a few evenings.


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