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Full size printed plan on a 34” x 22” sheet

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Wingspan 58”


Wingspan 52 ½”

By Jorgen Korsgaard

HE FIRST 'SUPER-MAX' was designed, build and flown during 1979,

The best version of the 'Hot-Max' was with square tail plane and slightly larger tips, built in 1981 and won me the title again! This model and the latest 'Super-Max' are shown on the plans. The latest 'Hot-Max' was lost at the nationals in 1982 (D/T'd but went OOS) where I placed third. Heinzi won with his new 'Super-Max'. Some of my fellows do not bother to put in all the diagonal bracing as I do, but the surfaces still stay true.

All in all, in Denmark and in my club I think about 20 'Maxes' have been built since 1979 and more are under construction now. The models have won the Danish nationals in 1979; 1980, 1981, and 1982 and a lot of' other contests.

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