Full size Printed Plan A rough-water design Length 29" Beam 9 1/4" Engine .15 to .30 Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plans Not a KIT or MODEL


Full size Printed Plan on a Sheet 40" x 28"

Two pages of notes and photos

Length 29"

Beam 9 1/4"

Engine .15 to .30

Radio Control

A rough-water design for 21/2-5 c.c. engines

by W. P. Russell, Principal Keeper of Farewell Spit lighthouse, in New Zealand

THE name of this model is Onetahua (pronounced (Ony-tar-hoo-ar)

The original Onetahua is powered by an E.D.2 46 c.c. Super Racer Marine which turns a RipMax No. 52 11/2 in. by 2 in. 2-bladed propeller. It is radio-controlled (rudder only) by a RipMax Pathfinder single-channel unit which copes quite adequately with the job. Due to my isolated occupation I have been unable to give the model any tests under competition with other boats, but it has had extensive work in open sea conditions which have been fairly choppy at the best of times. The only faults to appear were fuel surging due to choppy conditions and after some use the hull began to crack along the keel (the original keel being 1/8in. ply). The keel was duly modified to 3/8 in. and the fuel tank was modified with the addition of a fuel cell and no further problems have occurred from surging or cracking.

The construction is straightforward, epoxy resin glue being used throughout.

Thank you for your interest

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