FULL SIZE PRINTED PLAN and ARTICLE 1961 Classic Stunt Wingspan 51” Engines .35 "Jay Dee" FALCON


Reproduced Vintage Plan From 1961 Classic Stunt
"Jay Dee" FALCON
Wonderful combination of good looks and stuntability makes the "Jay Dee" a must on every serious stunters list-performance for Juniors puts this stunter in best of class.
Control line stunt
Wingspan 51”
Engines .35
FULL SIZE PRINTED PLAN on a SHEET 56"x 36" 20lb Bond
In this exciting and wonderful hobby of ours there is a select group of modelers who demand the utmost from their aircraft, and to this end the Jay-Dee Falcon was built. Stuntability and smoothness which are major concerns of competition minded modelers are built into this airplane. Present day stunt has reached a very competitive level and requires an airplane capable of performing the stunt pattern as near perfection as possible with a high degree of smoothness. Also you require an airplane capable of impressing the judges with its beauty. Let's face it the day of the mediocre stunt model is over at least in the highly competitive areas throughout the country and the FAI
Internats. From the first season in competition the jay-Dee Falcon had compiled a very impressive record and the author is proud to state that the majority, and the largest of the trophies were won by juniors. Buddy Wieder, (N.J.A.Y.S.C.) of Parsippany, N.J., and George Jones, Jr. of Paterson, N.J., between them have a beautiful collection of trophies. The medal shown in the group picture was won at the '61 NATS by young Wieder where he did an excellent job by winning fifth place in junior stunt, more creditable because this was his first year in competition. It was in the spring of '59 that George named this plane the jay-Dee Falcon and decided to build one for himself and after completing his model he entered it in the Onion meet and won first place in stunt which coupled with a first in rat racing, gave him enough points to take high point trophy, which is a beauty. Since then he has run up a very impressive record.

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