Full Size Printed Plan and Article Martin B-26 Marauder Semi scale 1:28 W/S 30” Power Twin Rubber


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Capture the flavor of one of WW IIs most distinctive machines. A reliable F/F twin.

Martin B-26 Marauder

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 51" x 36" 20lb bond

Seven page article with building notes and photos

Semi scale 1:28

Wingspan 30”

Power Twin Rubber

By Pres Bruning

Always an impressive sight, the Martin B-26 Marauder had equally impressive performance. Even though known as a hot plane to handle, the author tackled the project and came up with this fine version.

To my way of thinking, aside from the de Haviland Mosquito, the Martin Marauder is by far the cleanest, most aesthetically pleasing, most modern looking medium bomber of World War II. With those large, long engine nacelles sticking far forward of the wing leading edge, it makes an ideal rubber band powered subject, allowing plenty of room for the rubber band to flop around and cause very little C.G. shifting even if it knots up in the back of the nacelle.

Thank you for your interest Rose

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