Full size printed plan and article Scale 1:16 Centennial Model of the Civil War Parrott Rifle




Full size printed plan and article

Not a KIT or MODEL

Vintage Plans from 1960

Centennial Model of the Civil War Parrott Rifle

Full size printed plan on a sheet 22” x 32”

Four page article with building notes and photos

Scale 1:16

Length 8”

Width 51/4”


This combination gives the model a sparkling jewel-like appearance that will attract attention on a desk or fireplace mantel of your home.

The small amounts of brass rod and sheet metal required to build the model 

   SINCE the value and interest in this accu­rately scaled cannon model is certain to increase as we approach the Civil War Centennial, (1961-1965) we are publishing the plans now to give you plenty of time to make a duplicate for yourself, as a gift or for sale.

Measurements for the model (Fig. 1) were taken directly from one of the original guns (Fig. 2), now at Gettysburg. Although the barrels of the old cannons were made of cast iron with wrought iron used for the other metal parts, we modelled the metal parts of brass and used walnut for all wooden parts except the wheel spokes, which are of maple.

  Historical note-The 20-pounder, Parrott rifle, used during the Civil War, was one of the first rifled guns used in the United States. Because its accuracy and range was far greater than the older cannons firing cannon balls, the Parrot! rifle figured  decisively in the battle of Gettysburg and the siege of Fort Pulaski.

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