Full Size Printed Plan and Article Semi-Scale 1/144, l 31 3/4" Allen M. Sumner class of destroyer


Not a Kit or Material

Full Size Printed Plan


based on the Sumner class destroyer

Full Size PLAN Prints on a Sheet 30” x 24”

Six Page article of building illustrations & Photo

Scale 1/144

length 31 3/4in

Power Electric

Radio Control

By Glynn Guest

THE D.D. Harriman is a simplified scale model based  upon the Americans built during World War 2. These vessels featured a flush deck hull and a relatively simple superstructure, thus becoming ideal subjects for a working model of a warship. The model is built to a scale of approximately 1/144 (l in. =12ft.) giving a length of 31.75in. and a weight of 48oz.

This model is the twelfth in a series of model warships built to a common scale of 1/144, and all but the first three have had some form of radio control installed. The D.D. Harriman is equipped with a single channel receiver and rudder-motor control is provided by a Kinematic servo, a fiendish German device of electrically driven gears and springs. This radio outfit is quite bulky by modern standards and consequently the D.D. Harriman is capable of accommodating almost any type of radio gear. Propulsion is provided by a small electric motor powered by two 3 volt 800 cells and 3-3 1/2ft/sec is achieved by 2.5 watts, a realistic and economical performance.

The all sheet balsa wood construction of this and indeed all my previous models differs from the more usual laminated and/or planked structures normally found in this type of model

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