Full size printed plan and Building notes 1929 MONOPREP Scale 1:16 W/S 24” Power Rubber


Full size printed plan and Building notes



This intriguing machine is just fine for your Rubber Scale dreams, took a fourth at the 1978 Lake Charles Nationals. Easily detailed

Full size printed plans on a sheet 30” x 21” 20lb bond

Four page article includes construction notes and photos

by Larry Kruse

One of the lesser known designs, but one with more modeling appeal than many of its contempories, was the 1929 ".Monoprep," sister-ship to the immortal "Monocoupe"

Although possessing basic lay-out similarities to the "Monocoupe," the "Mono-prep" had its own personality and was re-membered fondly by many for its (in the words of Juptner) "friendliness that seemed to get through to most everybody." As one of its pilots put it, "It was the doggone-best airplane you ever sat in, and you just couldn't help but like it."


Construction presents no surprises to anyone who's built a few stick and tissue models. It's probably good to pre-form all basswood parts to insure the continuity of the building sequence, once you've started.

Thank you for your interest Rose

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