Full size printed plan and Building notes Focke-Wulf 190D9 Scale 1:24 (1/2”=1ft) Wingspan 17 3/16” Power Rubber


Full size printed plan and Building notes

Rubber Scale has followers of all ages, and classic war-birds like this explain its continuing popularity.

Focke-Wulf 190D9

Full size printed plan on a sheet 21” x 15” 2olb bond

Six page article with building notes and photos

by R. Preston Bruning

Construction Peculiarities

   Let's start with the fuselage. Every effort was made to locate the stringers and bulkheads along the lines of the real aircraft. The fuselage was built by cutting out the entire fuselage profile through the canopy as well, marking bulkhead positions and doing the same for the plan view

The FW190D9 —known as "Dora 9" in Luftwaffe service was designed by Kurt Tank for high altitude operation and as a stepping stone to the long-winged super extended fuselage TA-152 series of aircraft. The D-9 ended up instead as the most successful of the Focke•Wulf fighters. Originally planned to provide protective cover for the twin-jet ME-262 jets on take-off and landings when they were most vulnerable. The pilots soon found they could outclimb and outdive the BMW 801 powered Focke-Wulfs and were convinced it could outperform the P-51I) Mustang. The role of the 1)-9 soon changed. Compared to the "A" series, the tail assembly was moved aft and nose was extended to accommodate the jumbo 213 in-line engine and annular radiator. Noticeable bumps appeared ahead of the canopy on the fuselage and on the wings near the root fillet, to make room for two 7.9mm MG 17 machine guns and two 20mm MG 151 cannons.

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