Full Size Printed Plan Beginner’s Sailplane W/S 46” A/1 Class Glider "TRI-STAR"


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material, Plans only

Vintage 1971

A  Beginner’s Sailplane


Full size printed plan on a Sheet 36” x 24”

Two Pages of notes and photos

 Wingspan 46”

A/1 Class Glider

By R. Twomey

TRI-STAR is a true beginner's sailplane, yet it is designed to meet the International A/1 Glider specification, and is both straightforward to build and satisfying to fly. The plan was drawn up over the Christmas '70 period for the designer's three young sons, ages varying from 8-11 years, each of whom managed to produce a reasonable replica (with just a little assistance) in time for the Crookham Contest Modellers meeting during March — the first event of the year.

The notorious postal strike of that period (of all things!) made its presence felt at this contest as three clockwork D/T timers which had been ordered failed to materialise, and young Christopher Twomey (eight Years old) lost his Tri-Star in his first ever contest flight. He was 'unlucky' enough to catch a big `Chobham bump', and the model disappeared at quite an altitude after being watched for some 15 minutes!

  Construction has deliberately been kept as simple as possible, and the only tricky bits are the dethermaliser (D/T) and auto-rudder (AIR) fittings, with which some parental help may be appreciated.

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