Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes Combat *Nemesis II* W/S 39” Engine Supertigre .35


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

*Nemesis II*

Wingspan 39”

Engine Supertigre .35

Full size printed plan on a sheet 40” x 24”

Four page building article

By Howard Rush

 The Nemesis II is the result of an extensive research and flight test program followed by nine years of refinement in competition Combat flying.  The design objective of the Nemesis was an aircraft that would be a shade faster than the competition in level flight, turn much faster and tighter than any opponent, be able to survive most crashes, and be stable and easy to fly.  This objective was realized by finding an extraordinary airfoil and carefully working out a structure and controls to complement it.

 These articles always contain a speed claim.  Powered by a Supertigre G21/35 burning 45% nitro and turning a Rev-Up 8-8 prop, my Nemesis IIs have gone 113-plus mph.  Nobody will believe that, so I won't even claim it. You can expect 115 mph without a streamer from a Nemesis II with a honkin' engine.  An average, stock Supertigre with 40% nitro and a Rev-Up 8-8 will do better than 110 which is very competitive.

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