Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes dream combat *PHANTASY* W/S 42" ENGINE .35


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


It came out of the sky like a dream. No, more like a fantasy. It moved in like a phantom out of nowhere, setting up cut after cut on the other plane's streamer.

Full size printed plan on a sheet 45” x 20”

One page article

WINGSPAN 42 Inches

ENGINE FOX Combat .36


  This plane on the end of my Iines was what I had long dreamed of. It made super turns without loss of speed, yet it was so stable it was unreal. No, it was fantastic. Then I realized I had to have this bird for my own. I had to draw and build this Phantasy.

  So, I shook my head to wake myself from this dream and started putting all the little details and all the little inside forces together to see if I could truly make a dream combat machine. To make a long story short, the dream came true.

  I have a plane that will turn super tight, with very little, slowing when making a radius. It's stable, yet responsive. Phantasy's three‑point construction gives good force distribution to all parts ‑transferring loads to the heavier and stouter center section in case of collision or hard landings. The high aspect ratio (7.5:1) and minimal frontal are


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