Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes F.A.I. COMBAT “TEAR - A - LONG” Wingspan 35” Engine .15


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


“TEAR - A - LONG” the Dotted line

Where in Fast Richard sneaks in, wipes out and hammers down the opposition.

Full size printed plan on a sheet 36” x 28”

Four page article with building notes

Wingspan 35”

Engine .15

by Fast Richard

My idea of a good combat match is where (1) I cut the other guy's lines in half and (2) he stands helplessly watching as his machine runs straight into his tool box at full speed, and (3) I chop off a piece of his ear with an inverted pass as he runs out of the circle to inspect the remains of his plane and tool box. As you might suspect, I have trouble finding people to fly combat with me; at least with the .35 powered AMA types. I admit that I am a walking hazard with those overpowered bombs, but so are most other people. Combat, AMA style, is usually a demolition derby with an audience of necrophilic violence lovers standing around hoping for the worst—which inevitably happens. The reason I prefer FAI (.15 power) combat is that it is safer and, believe it or not, just as much fun. Other reasons, like lower cost, are valid too, but safety is the key.

Thank you or looking Rose

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