Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes FAI COMBAT *SICKLE* W/S 39 1/2" Engine .15


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


What you see in this FAI Combat plane, the "Sickle", is the end result of many months of thinking, testing, and actively trying different techniques to reduce building time.

Full size printed plan on a sheet 41” x 30”

Six page article with building notes


Wingspan 39 1/2"

Engine .15


What makes a good combat flyer? If you're not one of the very fortunate few who was blessed at birth with nerves of steel, the reflexes of a gunfighter, and the eyesight of an eagle, you must practice. This means flying actual matches with their accompanying whumps, thuds, and sudden silence. All of these sounds mean that you must lock yourself in your room and build more airplanes. These new planes will, in all too short a time, end up in the trash can with their brethren.

In order to make this building as painless a process as possible, I have tried to design a production capability into my planes. The first thing I decided was that cutting all those ribs then sheeting the leading edges, etc., had to go. This left a foam wing, of one type or another, as the alternative.

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